A cluster with a dense network of contacts and rock solid business potential

A cluster with a dense network of contacts and rock solid business potential

Knowledge-based community

Networking and personalised matchmaking

Our networking activities ensure that complementary business partners can find each other within and outside the cluster, both in Hungary and abroad.

Thematic knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences

We work to keep you up to date with the latest EU policies and support schemes, to put you within arm’s reach of proven technologies, effective methodologies and competencies.

Technological and business values

Direct EU funding and project mentoring

We not only monitor the relevant direct European funding opportunities Available to our SMEs, but besides mentoring the application process and implementation, we also support project management and mandatory project communication, thus allowing you to focus solely on the technical implementation.

Marketing and branding support

We improve visibility on a continuous basis through our webinars and our professional blog. Our aim is to make Innoskart synonymous with professional excellence, thus being a member of Innoskart shall be equivalent with prestige and business reliability.

Climate of trust, learning from each other

Business and technology advice

A leader who is about to make a decision can take good advantage of business and technology experience accumulated within a cluster, on the basis of which we are able to provide guidance by presenting various effective solution mechanisms.

Fast and effective contact paths

We facilitate the creation of cross-sectoral and horizontal strategic alliances, and we set up consortia.