A cluster to help you find the best solutions

A cluster to help you find the best solutions

Innoskart Digital Innovation Hub

The Innoskart Digital Innovation Hub aims to help SMEs gain access to the resources, proven technologies, effective methodologies and competencies they need to go digital.

With the help of the funding provided by DIHs and the projects mentored by Innoskart, domestic SMEs can obtain additional resources to implement a long-planned development leap or to digitalise a process.

The aim is to present and integrate the most up-to-date EU strategic directions and technological solutions and the most dynamic business trends into the processes of domestic manufacturing SMEs.

Innoskart DIH

Formerly known as an ICT cluster, Innoskart has been defined as a Digital Cluster since 2019, and we have also been operating as a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) since 2021.

Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs in the region by fostering knowledge, technology transfer and supporting dialogue between service providers and user firms.

What do DIHs provide?

The DIHs, or Digital Innovation Hubs, help companies to make their business/production processes and products and/or services more competitive by using digital technologies.

These are centres of excellence built on a technological infrastructure that provides access to the latest digital innovations, scalable solutions, expertise, pilot and experimental opportunities.

Innoskart DIH Experts

Innoskart's technological knowledge base is provided by the experts of our member and partner companies who possess broad digital experience. Coaching and mentoring services provided by our experts make it easier for industrial SMEs to develop digital skills and competencies.

Our team of experts, in cooperation with Hungarian digital innovation support organisations, universities, knowledge centres and other clusters, can demonstrate and/or adapt solutions in line with the European trends, as required.

DIH services

We provide SMEs with valuable information on direct European innovation funding opportunities.

We disseminate calls for proposals, and support the creation of consortia for projects and project management.

We mentor SMEs in the preparation of their applications, and our experts monitor all stages of development of digital transformation projects.